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Almost all of us love wearing socks. They keep our feet warm, our outfits fun, and our shoes clean. But how much do we really know about this essential element in our wardrobe? Here are 5 things you didn't know about socks.

Do you know where the oldest socks ever were found? They were found in Egypt, andare estimated to have been worn between the years 250 and 420. Socks are literally thousands of years old! And here we at Flipdry, create new designs every day to ensure that your outfits don't look that ancient!

    How expensive do you think the most pricey sock in the world is? It's actually worth£30m! The Emperor Diamond Sock was created with jewels and a thread of gold. But Sorry, you can't wear it. Because they only created a single one! But fear not, because we got you covered. All our socks come in pairs (as they should) and are way more affordable than this. After all, you don't need jewels on your feet to shine brightly in your life.

      Do you wonder what makes it more likely for a sock to go missing?
      Well, factually speaking, black socks are more likely to get lost than socks of any other color. Which is why we would advise you to check out our bright and quirky patterned pairs of socks that'll be easy to spot in a pile of laundry, and fun to wear for as long as you want.

      Do you think mentioning your socks is boring?
      Think again! Wearing socks is mentioned more than 10,000 times on Twitter in a day. That's a lot. Who knows, your new pair of socks may actually help you go viral. There's no harm in trying. After all, nothing else seems to work for sure.

      Did you think your dad has the largest collection of socks?
      Think again! The Sultan of Brunei actually owns a sock drawer that takes up 3 floors in his huge mansion and has 30 people looking after it. And here you thought socks couldn't be someone's hobby.

        You see, the next time someone compliments the new pair of gorgeous socks that you buy from our website, you can tell them one of these cool facts and make them feel a greater degree of#FOMO. After all, socks aren't just about keeping your feet warm. They are also about standing apart in a crowd!