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6 Ways to Style Fun Socks with Any Outfit

6 Ways to Style Fun Socks with Any Outfit

According to a BBC News report - A study undertaken at the University of Groningen in Netherlands declared that wearing socks during sex increases the chances of reaching an orgasm. Women, according to researchers, need to feel safe and comfortable in order to come. When provided with socks to wear, brain scans showed 80 percent of the couples were able to reach an orgasm in comparison to only 50 percent that were able to reach a climax without wearing socks.

Reason? Keeping feet warm helps the blood vessels to dilate, allowing for improved blood flow.The feet play a significant role in maintaining overall body temperature, and by regulating internal climate, the mind and body can come into a relaxed state needed for a release. So the next time your better half wants to try something crazy, bring out a pair of fun socks and have some fun in them.

We enlisted our stylists to find some cute socks that you can wear to bed to help you get there.
1.Be a pataakha. Don’t burn one.

2.Let these orange socks do the work for you. 100% comfy.
3. Getting up early just got easier. Pull up these dots and just do it.
4. Do not sacrifice fun at any cost. For men and women both.
5. Dress to impress or just undress with these cuties.6.

6. Dress to impress or just undress with these cuties.