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Most of us have grown up seeing our favorite pair of socks as something meant for utility, and not for style. However, socks make for great accessories if you put in a little thought about exactly how to style them. From our favorite celebrities to the up and coming Instagram stars,everyone is obsessing over the minutest details of their outfits. And why not? We live in an age where there are cameras everywhere, and everyone wants their #OOTD to trend. So here are five looks, where you can #RockTheSocks.

1.The Professional look: Obviously, one of the most easy looks that is complemented with a gorgeous pair of socks is the Professional look. Be it a big meeting, an event, an interview, or even a regular day at the office- nothing says work ready like a formal suit,shoes, and a pair of your trustworthy socks. They are the ultimate accessory that can make your look from everyday to the runway.

2.The Airport Look: Perhaps one of the most discussed look nowadays is the 'AirportLook’. From stars actually paying stylists to pick out clothes for them to the media that cannot help but click them as soon as they land, everyone is obsessed with exactly what works for this category, and what doesn't. Socks can really help you accessories this look because a funky pair of socks not only adds colour, brightness, and beauty to your outfit, but actually adds comfort to the flight itself. Whether you need an extra layer of warmth in today's chilled airports or an extra colour to rock your outfit, a bold pair of socks can always come to your rescue for the ultimate #AirportLook.

3.The Gym Look: Yes, this one is self explanatory. Wearing socks to the gym not only protects your feet from friction and trap the sweat to prevent your favorite pair of sneakers from stinking, but actually helps elevate your garments from an outfit to a look.Colour coordinating your fitness clothes, socks, and shoes, keeps you ready for that one instagrammable moment when you can make everyone jealous either by how fit you are,or by how nicely you are working at your New Year's resolution. Plus, if you wear regular lounging clothes to the gym, you are more likely to feel slightly lazier than if you specifically work out an outfit.

4.The Traveller Look: Whether it's beautiful Bollywood movies, or your favorite travel blogger on Instagram- it is very possible that by now at least someone had given you major #FOMO and #TravelGoals. Which isn't a bad thing. But whether you are packing for a Squad Trip or a Solo Trip, it is important to remember to keep a pair of socks and shoes. After all, no look on vacation is complete without sensible footwear that lets you explore the city that you are lucky enough to be in. Plus, quirky socks add the little element of fun to your outfit that every vacation demands!

5.The Festival Look: Whether it's a college fest that you are on the organizing committee for, or a music fest that you saved up to attend- there is a very good chance that you have been wondering what to wear. And while you can definitely rock any outfit youchoose as long as you have fun, it's a good idea to wear comfortable shoes with an interesting pair of socks because you don't want to get tired after only a few hours. Plus,there's something festive about the cute designs and colours that add a unique element to your look when you opt for a pair of socks that represent your personal style.

So go ahead- order a few gorgeous pairs of socks today. After all, you don't want to be the one without an #OOTD tomorrow.