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Most men can’t find a way to flaunt their personal style at work. Everyone may have a pair of cool sneakers, but people always wear formal shoes at work.The only part part of their outfits that they can actually have fun with is their socks.Splashy and colorful socks are a great alternative to a boring everyday essential. Just by adding a bit of color to your socks, you can feel your personality shining through your boring office clothes.

Designer socks bring a smile to people’s faces. If you are in a bus, travelling, or going through the airport, and someone sees your socks, they are always going to take notice. Also, when you wake up in the morning and have so many patterns and colors to select from in your sock drawer, you can ask yourself ‘what mood am I in today? Men are much better dressed today than ever before. Like a tie or a wristwatch, socks are not to be overlooked anymore. Although flashy motifs like pizza or donuts on your socks are non-starters, people favor discreet patterns like polka dots, stripes and colorful argyle to make a fashion statement.

What used to be a boring and traditional category is now totally lit. Your socks are not just another boring part of the corporate costume you put  on everyday. They are means to  express yourself. Colorful and gorgeous designs add a small flash of happiness to an otherwise dull landscape of browns, blacks or greys.

 Want to boost your outfit? Need a conversation starter? Just show off your socks! Let the compliments come to you.